Our Mission

The World of Dance has been serving the Jacksonville area since 1979. Our goal is to teach our students the fundamentals of dance while having fun at the same time. We want to give our students the best technical dance education they deserve. A strong technical studio will make for a strong dancer. We feel our students deserve the best!

*Special Note:

It has been brought to our attention that a dance competition called The World of Dance Tour (WOD) an urban dance competition which takes place in 9 major markets across the nation, with a focus on the art of street dancing, has a video of very young girls dancing that has prompted a lot of controversy not only locally but nationally. This dance competition should not be confused with our dance studio The World Of Dance in Jacksonville Florida, nor should anyone confuse our competition dancers as any who have participated at this competition. The World of Dance has been in business for 31 years here in Jacksonville and we are proud of the great reputation our dancers and teachers have. Our studio The World of Dance has never competed or performed at this competition. Our choreographers have never choreographed a routine to the song single ladies. If you are aware of anyone who may be confusing the two please provide them the correct information and refer them to our website www.theworldofdance.com


The World of Dance has been an important part of our lives. My 10 year old and my 7 year old have both danced there since they were 3 years old.  They have learned structure and listening skills from their dance classes, in addition to dancing!  They both started out in combo class and each year they add more classes to their agenda (10 classes and 6 classes respectively) because they love to be there dancing and learning.  They have been able to build a rapport with their teachers that allows them to have enough comfort to be risk takers and achievers.  They have also made many close friendships that continues to build and grow inside and outside of the dance studio.  Through the World of Dance my performers have grown in confidence, ability, endurance, and flexibility.  They have had opportunities to dance throughout the city, perform in competitions, participate in parades, and learn at various dance seminars.  I too treasure dancing there.  I was able to return to my love of dancing and have made close friendships of my own.  The World of Dance has been a part of our lives and continues to bring us joy and memories and of course the opportunity to dance!

Sylvia Gentges
Fourth grade teacher
Abess Park Elementary

Our family has been at The World of Dance for 7 years. We love the safe, positive, and professional atmosphere in the studio. Our daughters age 10, and 5 just love their classes and teachers. It truly is a studio that provides an extra curricular activity that not only teaches skill and technique in dance, but also a self confidence in themselves to shine.

Meloney Pitman


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